Vacuum Cleaner to Consider in Malaysia

vacuum cleaner malaysia

Vacuum Cleaner Variety in Malaysia

best home vacuum cleaner Malaysia
Best Home Vacuum Cleaner Malaysia

A modern vacuum cleaner in countless shape and sizes – depending on the specification and features that you are looking for.

However, for the common everyday household use, a good, user-friendly and most importantly reliable vacuum cleaner able to pick up the tiniest dirt and dust without feeling hesitation.
Here is something you might want to consider as below:

1. What Makes the Best Home Vacuum Cleaner?


– Handheld upright vacuum is a traditional vacuum that has a tilt-and-push design and leans the floor with ease.
– Canister is a vacuum with long hose attached to a tank and generally easy to carry around.
– Stick vacuum is sleek, slim and lightweight which is perfect for quick cleaning.
– Robotic vacuum requires absolutely no effort to you as it maps your room and roam around to suck debris. It is convenient for hard floors and carpets but unable to clean stairs, sofas, ceilings and counter tops.

2. Vacuum Cleaner Review on Suction Power

– Upright vacuum is generally known as a tilt-and-push vacuum which is generally known in deep-cleaning rugs and floors. Having a good suction power is good to push-and-pull the different attachment tool to reach into different corners.
– Canister is one of the powerful sucker. Its compact body allows you to clean debris on furnitures as well as cobwebs on ceiling corners.
– Stick vacuum is convenient to use, its sucking power is incomparable with a full-sized vacuum.
– Robotic vacuum may be able to get under furniture that we may have overlooked. It is very convenient but the cleaning power is not as powerful as a full-sized vacuum cleaner.

3. Best Home Vaccum Cleaner Accessories

Best Home vacuum Cleaner Accessories
Best Home vacuum Cleaner Accessories

– Be sure to check the accessories that come together with the vacuum cleaner such as the hose extensions, brushes, carpet suction head and nozzles.
– You would want your vacuum cleaner to be able to clean carpets, hard floors, window seals cobwebs from the ceiling. Usually, canister vacuums come with different types of accessories you can attach and detach to suit the places you need to clean.